Nottinghamshire Scouts


This Section, which was formerly called Service, involves getting out there to help other people make a difference to their lives using your skills and experience.

You can see the range of activities for this Section at

After making a choice the DofE leader needs to identify a suitable instructor/assessor who will be able to provide training in the required skills for that form of volunteering and brief the participant on what is expected to be achieved.

For the Gold Award please contact the County DofE Adviser first.

How long do I have to volunteer for?

3 months
(+ 3 months
if Skill & Physical are 3 months)
6 months
(+ 6 months for Direct entry
if not for Skill or Physical Section)
12 months
(+ 6 months for Direct entry
if not for Skill or Physical Section)


These are minimum time requirements and must involve regular commitment averaging 1 hour/week.

For some choices, eg for an Environment project, it is possible to provide the volunteering for 4 hours on a weekend/month for the required number of months.

Please note from 1st September 2008 there has been a change in the required time to be spent doing practical volunteering.

For all Award participants who undertook the Service Section prior to 1st September 2008 it was acceptable to complete eg a First Aid course of 8 hours and then make up the required time by providing practical service in the form of acting as a First Aider at Scouting events.

For participants who started working for the Volunteering after this date they must spend at least 75% of their time doing practical volunteering and only 25% can be the training course. Where the proportion of time for the training is greater than 25%, which is particularly likely to be the case for the Bronze Award, the training course can be used as a Skill. Since this is a bit confusing please contact the County DofE Adviser if you intend doing volunteering in a choice of this type.

Volunteering with the Scout Association

Explorer Scouts can complete their Volunteering with the Beaver, Cub or Scout Sections. Scout Network members and leaders can volunteer with any of the 4 Sections.

In addition to the required time of practical volunteering Award participants will also need to complete either Module A of the Young Leader Training Scheme or the Getting started modules of the Adult Training Scheme. In addition to this, at each level of the Award, each participant must undertake a further 2 hours of training appropriate to their role. This can be additional training modules or other training courses such as First Aid or activity training.

Those participants who were working with a Section of Scouting prior to 1st September 2008 are strongly advised to contact the County Adviser for guidance.