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Useful links:

44th Nottingham are able to offer Air Rifle Shooting sessions run by qualified instructors

Scoutbase UK Games Database for indoor & outdoor games for all Sections from Beavers to Network with suggestions for your Group's games box.

Scouting Resources UK This is a really useful resource created by an ACSL in Barking & Dagenham. Badge resources, Camping, Codes & Signs, Mapping & Compass, Cooking, Countries & Cultures are some of the headings together with an excellent compendium of Games for all Sections including challenging, circle, quiet, relay, team and wide games.

Escouts Community Forum Your opportunity to exchange ideas with others but please let us know what works with your Colony, Pack, Troop or Unit.

Knots animated Can you demonstrate how to tie a bowline, clove hitch, rolling hitch, round turn & 2 half hitches and sheetbend? This site has excellent animations of all these knots and more. It also gives the uses of each knot.

21st Medway Scout Group share a selection of games for Scout Troops on this site.

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