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Project Compass in Nottinghamshire


Welcome to the Project Compass in Nottinghamshire.

The Scout Association is working on improvements to our online membership system. The new system will offer enhanced functions, heightened stability and ease of use.

In April 2010 a wide variety of members from across the country were consulted on the current system (MMS) to understand what works well and is useful, and what is not.  These members also shared ideas on new tools they would like to see in the system.

The national project has three outlined objectives:-

  1. Members will be given greater ownership of their data and the system will be responsive to their needs.
  2. Simplified processes will cut the time spent on administration and allow our members to focus on ‘proper’ Scouting.
  3. The new membership system will make use of mobile and handheld technologies, ensuring this solution truly incorporates members’ day-to-day needs.

Within Nottinghamshire Project Compass is led by a team of Implementation Champions who represent different areas of Nottinghamshire. Each District has nominated a District Representative to help with the transition to the new system. Over the next few months they will look to identify someone at a Group level to champion and help your group/sections move to the new system.

Currently we are in our early stages. More information will come out over the next 6 months or through your district representatives.

If you have any initial questions your local District Project Compass Champions are as follows:-

  • Ashfield - Chris White & Richard Jackson
  • Bassetlaw - Tom Ward
  • Beauvale - Margaret Cooper
  • Central - Steve Baker
  • City of Nottingham - Carol Eley
  • Mansfield - Jonathan Timmons
  • Newark - Malcolm Baker
  • Rushcliffe - Pat Shepherd
  • South West - Bev Stubley

If you have any County wide questions please contact the County Implementation Champion, Chris Blockley at

If you would like to look at the national information then please go to







  1. Q: What is Project Compass?
    A: Its a national initiative to improve our online membership system
  2. Q: How will it affect my role?
    A: No matter what role you are in Project Compass will touch you. In the majority of cases it just means you get a nice new system to use.
  3. Q: What do I need to do?
    A: You will see a number of communications over the next year. In the mean time just ensure your records within MMS are currently up to date.                        
  4. Q: When is it happening?
    A: It is happening from now until January 2015.

If you have any further questions please contact the Project Compass Nottinghamshire team or read the overview slides here.                


Key Dates

June 2013 - Nottinghamshire project team assembled

January 2015 - All Nottinghamshire using the new system